Photo of Joseph Malone

"I have also been shortlisted as Foundation Doctor of the year by the Royal College of Psychiatrists directly as a result of the film The Duveen Trust kindly supported."

Joseph Malone, Film Director
We supported Joseph with a grant towards producing a film aimed at benefiting society by stopping substance misuse.
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Photo of Cherish Watton

"I would like to extend a massive thank you to The Duveen Trust whose support has been vital in getting us to the next stage of development for our website."

Cherish Watton, Women’s Land Army website
Cherish received funding to develop a facility which enables Land Girls and their family members / relatives to contribute information on individual Land Girls, which can be stored in a central database and map
Photo of Gabriel

"We are grateful to The Duveen Trust for its generous support, which enabled St. Martin’s Voices to explore this challenging and unusual repertoire."

Mark Gascoigne, Annelies Performance
The Trust awarded a grant to St Martins in the Field to assist them in putting on a fantastic concert production of Anne Franks to commemorate Holocaust Day.
Furness Influence Theatre Company

"The funding provided by The Duveen Trust enabled us to finance our first trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival"

Tania Clark, Furness Influence Theatre Company
We awarded the grant to Tania as her project will act as a catalyst for change, supporting future students.
Photo of Gabriel

"Thank you for your financial support throughout my 3 year study of youth work at the Nazarene Theological College"

Gabriel Oyediwura, Student
The Trust awarded a grant to Gabriel to fund his study of youth work. On completion, Gabriel plans to have a career working with youths to help benefit UK society.

"FZY sincerely values the relationship we have with the Duveen Trust. Many of our participants would not have been able to on our gap year programme and have a the opportunity of life-changing experiences without the generous support of The Duveen Trust."

Vivienne Stone, FZY Coordinator
The Trust awarded a grant to FZY in order to give participants life-changing experiences on their gap years. We occasionally consider grants to individuals who have shown initiative in raising funds towards schemes that will ultimately be of benefit to UK society.

"I truly believe that had I not received the helping hand from The Duveen Trust I would be in a very different place right now. I want to say a huge thank you for your continued support and giving me the opportunity to go against the odds. Since then my journey has gone from strength to strength and I am even closer to reaching my goal as a Youth and Community Worker."

Kirsty Sharp, Youth & Community Worker
We awarded Kirsty a grant to help her achieve her goal of becoming a Youth and Community Worker.

"I am very thankful for The Duveen Trust for helping me gain such a memorable experience."

Ian Grant, Youth Leader
The Trust awarded a grant to Ian to fund his MASA programme where he studied and volunteered abroad

"Amy's project was to empower and train staff at ISOS CIC to use their equipment to provide respite for participants with special educational needs, to improve mental health and reduce stress, and assist in post stroke rehabilitation."

Amy Cawthorn, iMuse
We gave Amy a grant as she showed initiative in setting up the project. IMuse is an interactive multi-sensory environment which helps improve the lives of people with special educational needs.

"Catherine volunteered at a Chilean orphanage for children with disabilities and special needs run by Fundacion Coanil. She worked with children of all ages and taught them the skills needed to function in day-to-day life. She plans to continue working with children with special needs on her return to the UK."

Catherine Angus, Fondacion Coanil
Catherine received a grant from the Trust for her trip to Chile because on return, she is going to resume her roles in the local community organising local holiday club and youth groups. Working in the orphanage in Chile gave her the necessary experience and a good grounding for her community work.